After a short break from developing games for the App Store we’re back and have decided to open up the development of our games and let our audience decide which direction our games should take.

We have lots of game ideas in development and currently not fit for human consumption but we feel all have great potential, so our dilemma comes when trying to choose one of those games to fully develop.

Our plan is to develop some of them into FREE games and invite our audience to join in the development discussion through our Facebook fan page.

The first three FREE games released are Cryptid Curling (previously unreleased) Monkey Diving (FREE) and an adaptation of our flash game Breeder (FREE). We are running a popularity contest between the three to see which we should fully develop first publishing our download figures and tracking which ideas are the most popular on our Facebook fan page or Twitter.

Cryptid Curling is OUT NOW for FREE

Monkey Diving is OUT NOW for FREE

Breeder is OUT NOW for FREE