This is not our usual type of blog, but having noticing the Monster Pig story that's been about the internet I thought we'd add what our mohsye artists think of the two pictures going around the internet which incidentally the "monster pig" version did appear on the official monster pig site for a time, but now seems to have disappeared.

Various news channels picked up on the story, but all seem to use the "exagerated" version of the picture and seemed to consentrate on the story of the pig being a pet or something, but none seem to question the validity of the photo they're using, just the wildness.

I feel the more important story is that the popular picture used is faked and the reality is that it was just a large pig rarther than the monster the picture made out.

The two pictures we used are from: and

Here is a short animation to illustrate the doctoring, not that they really need it :) please wait for it to load and cycle through. thanks for listening.